22 Radio stations, 3 TV channels, School, Adonko etc – Tall List of Companies owned by Dr Kwaku Oteng

Dr Kweku Oteng was born into a family of herbalists. His parents and grandparents were all well-resourced with the ability to heal all kinds of sickness using herbs.


Armed with that knowledge, Dr Kweku Oteng as a young man started making creams to deal with skin rashes and other related diseases.

Angel Cream was manufactured at Bremang, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. At the time, Kweku Oteng hawked the products on the streets personally.

He moved the business from Bremang to Kronum Abouhia also a suburb in Kumasi, Ashanti Region where the company was extended.

In 2001, Dr Kwaku Oteng made his mark on the business world with Angel Herbal Products Industry, producing herbal cosmetic products, Angel Cream and Angel Soap due to his need to succeed.

The products quickly became popular across Ghana and internationally for their high quality and effectiveness.


Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN).

Angel Broadcasting Network which comprises several radio and Tv stations were launched and has remained a strong power source in the media sector in Ghana.

The ABN umbrella has 22 Radio Stations and 3 Television Stations under it.

Dr Kwaku Oteng’s steadfastness in business and the provision of jobs and opportunities within the Ghanaian business sector is inspiring.

With knowledge of herbal medicine, Dr Kweku Oteng began the Adonko franchise. Adonko Bitters as it’s popularly known comes in a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Adonko Distilleries has these products (Adonko Bitters, Adonko 123, Adonko 2 Fingers, Adonko Dry Gin, Adonko Next Level, Adonko Atadwe)

It’s believed to have herbs that help men remain strong and boost sexual energy.

  • Angel Construction and Estates
  • Angel Educational Complex

Dr. Kwaku Oteng is also the President and Founder of Angel Educational Complex a school comprising of Pre-School, Primary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, and Angel International School.

  • Angel Transport, and Trading Limited
  • Angel Haulage

The man is Rich and Blessed. Ghanaians need to support him and help him together grow his business because he feeds over 2000 mouths who could be your relative.

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