2pac is Reason Why Charleston White Let God Into His Life

2Pac‘s lyrics were the reason that Charleston White was able to let God into his life as a teenager, despite his mother’s many attempts prior.

The controversial YouTube personality and comedian opened up about his love for ‘Pac on a new episode of Bag Chasers with Anton Daniels, published on Monday (May 1).

“You hear Mama talking about praying and God this, but it don’t make sense from mama,” White began. “And this is something she’s tryna indoctrinate you with. But man, here 2Pac come along and he started referencing God. And prior to that, as a kid, I don’t ever recall rappers really making a lot of references to God. So he gave God a light in my life – 2Pac did.”

He added: “One of the most prolific things 2Pac said was that he may not be the person to change the world, but he was going to spark the brain. And I would like to think that I was that brain.”

Check out the full clip below:

In other Charleston White news, his New York City comedy show with Akademiks that was set for Sunday (April 30) was canceled following White’s racist rant targeting the Asian community.

White and Ak’s “The Truth Is Funny” comedy show was scheduled to be held at the Big Apple’s Gramercy Theater, but was axed for undisclosed reasons. Many have connected it to White’s vitriolic rant against rapper China Mac and other Asians in March, although that has yet to be confirmed.

“I hate Asians. We don’t give a fuck about the gays, but I hate Asians,” White said in a video that went viral on social media. “I hate Johnny Dang, I don’t eat Chinese food. The only time I ever wanted some Chinese pussy was at a bathhouse fucking a Chinese sex lady. Chinese bitches can’t suck dick good.

“Yeah, I hate Chinese people. Shit, I don’t give a fuck about China, man. I hate Chinese people, n-gga. I think Chinese stores should be robbed. I think Chinese women should be raped brutally by big dick, well-hung Black men that hate Chinese women.”

He continued: “Fuck China Mac. I think Chinese babies should be raped, n-gga. And killed and used as alligator bait. I think Chinese babies should be killed and sodomized.”

Wack 100 responded to White’s controversial comments, accusing the former gang member of working with the federal government while extending support to China Mac and the Asian community.

China Mac then addressed White’s repulsive rant and threatened to pull up to his and Akademiks’ comedy show – but ultimately, its cancellation prevented him from doing so.


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