Fixing The Country Movement Respond To John Mahama’s Rhetoric

Fixing The Country Movement has taken note of a political rhetoric by former President Mahama camouflaged as commentary on his so-called “thank you tour in Bolgatanga in the Upper East region.

It is purely hypocritical and very disingenuous for Mr Mahama to be running around with the claim that Elections are won at the polling Stations and not at the Supreme Court, several months after holding the entire country to ransom with his Supreme Court action.

Mahama actually launched a scathing attack on our democracy after his electoral loss and even encouraged his supporters to engage in violence. He only proceeded to the Supreme Court after good counsel from right thinking Ghanaians. And today he’s claiming he went to the court purposely to calm his supporters down.

What an irony! We’re scandalised. We are really witnessing the death throes of a spoilt narcissist and someone needs to pull him aside and tell him that it is not enough to shout stolen verdict without backing his claim with evidence, and lost miserably in court, and now come back to ascribe other motives to the court action.

Fixing The Country Movement is very much aware that these shenanigans has everything to do with Mahama’s 2024 comeback. It is meant to keep him relevant for the inevitable 2024 comeback. It is a fact and we know it. But it won’t fly.
The level of incompetence, dishonesty and disgrace that has saddled with Mahama and his politicking has been brought to bear once again.

Mahama thinks talking his way to the hearts and minds of Ghanaians will give him power. We have not forgotten the substandard governance we suffered and endured under his tenure.

We have always known John Mahama to be the bloodiest desperado in our political space but watching him take his shenanigans to dizzy height on his so-called “thank you tour” and his attempt to deny his involvement with the Fix the Country protest makes us feel like the man is gone with the wind. Mahama is looking and sounding so miserable and desperate. And he’s simply dancing naked in front of the intelligent public.

Truth be told, Mahama’s porous attempt to explain away his role in the mercenary activities of the Fix the Country campaigners is typical of the belly giggling squelers in George Orwell’s Animal farm.

We all know it. We know the stuff Mahama is made of. The man is simply engaging in a kooky sitcom plot. It is becoming more and more clearer. There’s an overwhelming evidence of Mahama’s financial and material support to the activities of the fix the country campaigners. All the activities of the Fix the Country campaigners are Mahama’s handiwork, and he can’t explain it away with any doggy rhetoric.

Indeed, the Fixing The Country Movement is aware of Mahama’s promises of top government jobs to the leadership of the Fix the Country campaign in the unlikely event of him becoming a president.

As clear as we can see, Mahama is a coyote that eats it’s own leg. He has nothing to offer Ghanaians, but thinks he can sugarcoat his way into the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting public.

Indeed, we are wary of a naked man offering us a shirt.


Ernest Owusu Bempah, Convener (FIXING THE COUNTRY MOVEMENT )

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