50 Cent Concedes to Steph Curry’s Greatness After 50-point Performance

50 Cent has given Steph Curry props on social media after his 50-point performance to take the Golden State Warriors into the next round of the NBA playoffs.

On Monday (May 1), Fif took to Instagram and reposted the last seconds of Game 7 between the Sacramento Kings and Warriors. Steph and co. beat the Kings 120-100 to move on to the Western Conference semifinals.

“@stephencurry30 ain’t no joke [Face palm emoji][Bomb emoji] 50 Damn !” 50 Cent said.

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50 Cent isn’t the only New York rapper who has paid respect to arguably one of the greatest point-guards to ever play the game of basketball.

Recently, Ma$e said that Steph is better than LeBron James after witnessing his performance in the pivotal game.

Both Ma$e and Cam’ron went on Instagram live to discuss both basketball giants, with the latter asking: “Steph Curry just set the record for Game 7 all-time. Is he better than LeBron?”

“He’s better than LeBron,” Ma$e replied. “He gotta be the new G.O.A.T., Killa.”

Snoop Dogg also echoed similar statements not long ago, saying that Steph Curry is the closest thing to the late Kobe Bryant in today’s NBA.

The legendary rapper drew the comparison as a guest on Stephen A’s World on ESPN on Wednesday (April 12). When asked who reminds him most of the legendary Laker in today’s game, he admitted it was a hard question, but ultimately made the case for the Bay Area baller.

“That’s a hard question because I don’t really see nobody with that killer instinct,” Snoop explained. “The closest that I’ll say would be Steph Curry because Steph Curry got that killer instinct when it’s time for the playoffs, when it’s time for the big game. He wants the big shot, he ain’t afraid of the big shot, he steps up to the challenge. He’s never considered the best, but he’s always the best when it’s time to be the best.”

Meanwhile, Fif is displaying his dominance in the NBA universe with his Sire Spirits partnership with the Sacramento Kings.

Last June, the self-proclaimed billionaire inked a multi-year deal to make his liquor company the exclusive champagne partner of the Northern California team.

The deal also saw 50’s G-Unity Foundation team up with the Sacramento Kings Foundation to provide scholarships and other initiatives to help local youth.

The Queens, New York native has also struck similar partnerships with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana Pacers, and Houston Rockets.


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