6ix9ine Sings Himself Back to Health After Crashing His Car in ‘y Ahora’ Video

6ix9ine has teamed up with Mexican band Guapo Firme for his latest track, “Y Ahora,” and even sung his way back to health — check out the song’s video below.

Released on Friday (April 28), the regional Mexican-inspired record — which follows 6ix9ine’s most recent Latin-inspired song, “WAPAE” — shows off a softer side to the Brooklyn native.

The video shows the rapper and Gupao Firme’s Eduin Cazares on a drive before an accident occurs. Through Cazares’ assistance, he was able to restore his life by singing a few notes.

Then he seems to be transported into a dream-like state surrounded by the band in the bar and some beautiful women.

Today, I woke up reminding myself/ Of your sweethearts, of all the kisses,” 6ix9ine sings in the English translation. “I feel lonely and empty/ Nothing stays the same because you’re not here.

A soft harmony is then created by the rapper and Eduin Cazares, adding the perfect touch to the chorus: “And now what do I do? And forgetfulness for when?/ If I need you, why don’t you come over for a while?/ And now I take double care so that he doesn’t leave me/ The broken heart, if I had it whole before.

6ix9ine’s pivot comes after years of controversy, including allegations that he snitched during his RICO case involving the Nine Trey Gangsters.

In the weeks leading up to the release of his Latin-inspired music, the rapper (real name Daniel Hernandez) was attacked by a group of men inside a sauna at an LA Fitness in South Florida and was badly beaten before escaping. He was later hospitalized for his injuries.

Despite the attack, which was recorded by his attackers, sources close to the rainbow-haired rapper told TMZ he had no interest in switching gyms, upping his security or changing the way he lives his life.

Three men — Rafael Medina Jr., 43; Octavious Medina, 23; and Anthony Maldonado, 25 — were arrested on assault and robbery charges over the March 21 attack, which was caught on camera.

However, one of them is now off the hook after having his charges dropped earlier this week, according to court documents obtained by XXL.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is no longer pursuing charges against Maldonado in connection to the bloody beatdown of 6ix9ine.

Maldonado confirmed his charges have been dropped during an interview with internet personality 1090 Jake on Instagram Live earlier this week, during which he denied his involvement in the attack and claimed his arrest was a case of mistaken identity.


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