A/R: DCE Tells Assembly Members To Consider Interest Of Electorates First

Assembly members have been advised to at all times seek the good of their electorates ahead of their own interest.

In his address at a general assembly held on Friday October 21, 2022 at the District Assembly Hall, Adugyama, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Ahafo Ano South-East, Mr Thomas Owusu Ansah stated, ” it’s incumbent on Assembly Members to represent the interest of their electorates in decisions at the Assembly rather than their own interest”.

The DCE was registering his displeasure with the Assembly Members’ consistent failure to elect a Presiding Member (PM) after six attempts.

In the last two attempts last Friday, the two contenders, Mr Evans Antwi Agyei, Assembly Member for Fawoman, and Mrs.Christiana Owiraduwaa failed to get the required votes to become PM.

The DCE was worried after series of consultations coupled with pep-talks, yet no PM has been elected in the District Assembly.

He further described as deliberate “self-seeking” attempt by some members of the Assembly to impede the progress of the District.

” I am pretty aware most of you would be seeking for re-election to the District Assembly come next year District Assembly Elections. Let me be frank with you, your electorates are closely monitoring what’s happening here.

At the end of your four- years mandate, probably in last quarter of next year, you would be judged by what you were able to do with your mandate , and I can say your failure to elect PM to prosecute the agenda of Assembly timely, would affect your chances of winning power”, he unhappily told the Assembly Members.

Mr Kaleem Abdallah Adam, District Coordinating Director on his part, appealed to the Assembly Members to spur the District from wasting monies that could have been used for developmental projects on organising PM elections.

” My Honourable Assembly Members’ failure to elect PM for this August House has a telling effort on the fortunes of the District now and the future, so I would beg of you to do the needful anytime soon”, he admonished.

In attendance at the meeting to elect PM were heads of departments, heads of units, and heads of other government subvented agencies.

By: Thomas Awuah, Adugyama


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