Ab-soul to Teach Online Class About Songwriting, Flow & Emotion

Ab-Soul has been tapped to teach an online course where he’ll discuss his writing process and share some of his creative insights and techniques.

In partnership with Mickey Factz’s Pendulum Ink academy, the TDE rapper’s class will go down on May 24 at 7 p.m. EST. In addition to teaching his writing technique, Soulo will go into detail about how he’s been able to create a balance between Golden Era fans and contemporary fans.

The course will be interactive – as 10 participants will also have the opportunity to ask Ab-Soul a question about his songwriting process. Access to the class is available for purchase now at Pendulum’s site.

The class arrives just ahead of Soulo’s forthcoming Intelligent Movement Tour. Kicking off in Toronto, Canada on June 2, the tour will include stops in Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York before wrapping in Boston at the end of the month.

New music will be on the way soon as well, as Top Dawg recently mentioned that Soulo would be releasing a deluxe version of his current album HERBERT, and potentially dropping a new album by the end of the year.

LeBron James has apparently signed on to A&R the next effort, based on a post from the pair back in January. In a clip Ab-Soul posted of him and LeBron chatting behind the scenes at the Crypto.com Arena, the TDE rapper asked the NBA star if he’d be willing to take on an executive role for his next project — to which he obliged.


“You really the right of passage,” Soulo said. “Top [Dawg] told me to ask you if you would A&R the next album.”

LeBron responded without hesitation: “Yeah, I can do that.”

Ab-Soul also mentioned how Calmatic, who directed the recently-released House Party reboot which stars LeBron, shot music videos for him and Kendrick Lamar early in their careers.

LeBron revealed his surprise at the fact, before complimenting Soul’s new album and gifting him his game-worn sneakers.

LeBron James previously praised Ab-Soul’s HERBERT on Twitter just days after it was released in December.

“Ab-Herbert-Soul is so COLD MAN!!!!!!!!!” he wrote at the time. “[Fire] project G.”

Soulo responded: “Need them floor seats King!!! Get @dangerookipawaa on the phone.”


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