Abena Korkor to release a new list of BigMen in GH who have slept with her

Controversial Socialite Nana Abena Korkor Addo has in a new social media rant prompted to release a long list of male celebrities who according to her, have had their way with her.

From politicians to musicians to actors, Abena Korkor who has a sad history of mentioning names during some of her relapses has gone on the tangent again.

This has sent chills down the spine of her victims as she threatens to release an updated list of men she has had sex with.

Abena Korkor dropped that intriguing post whilst she captioned ‘new list is loading‘.

Currently, Abena Korkor is causing a stir on social media as fans least expected her to go back to this after taking a long break from social media.

In another post, Abena Korkor shared a post that says ‘Don’t let anyone stop you from sharing the truth. If the characters in your story wanted an honourable mention, they would have done honourable things’ by one Helen.

She vowed to expose these individuals who have a lot of societal respect but perform all kinds of atrocious deeds in the dark which included sleeping with her.

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