Monday, November 28, 2022
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Adubriem teachers turn classrooms into bedrooms after rain destroyed their quarters

The plights of Adubriem teachers in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region have worsened as they are taking refuge in classrooms after a heavy downpour collapsed their quarters some two weeks ago.

The heavy rains which hit the community destroyed many household properties including educational documents.

“The heavy downpour has destroyed our belongings, some school documents, certificates and even lesson notes and other books we use to teach the students,” one of the victims told Angel News.

They added that close to two weeks after the collapse of the teacher’s quarters which were built with mud and were decrepit, they have been sleeping in the classrooms at night, a situation which further distresses them.

“We sleep in the classrooms and we always have to bring our things out in the morning to teach the students and take them back to the classroom to sleep in the evening which is making our work very difficult”.

The District Chief Executive for Ellembelle, Kwasi Bonzo, speaking to the media assured the teachers that the assembly will build modern quarters for the teachers to help save the situation.

“Also, we have gone for people who are qualified in building to help us build the new teacher’s quarters to avoid the recurrence of what has happened,” the DCE added.


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