Ahafo Ano South-East District To Ban Celebration Of Wake-Keeping

Authorities at the Ahafo Ano South-East District Assembly are looking at the possibility of banning celebration of wake-keeping and other social events being held at night in the district.

By their own assessment, teenage pregnancy is on the rise due to wake-keeping celebration and other social events.

They said, teenagers usually took advantage of social events to indulge in social vices likely to destruct their progress in life.

Wake -keeping ceremony forms part of the funeral arrangements for the dead, particularly the Akan dominated settlements in Ghana.

At the marathon Second Ordinary Meeting of the Second of the Assembly held on November 25, 2021 at Adugyama, the Assembly Members proposed for a ban on wake-keeping celebration and other social events, but would want to hold series of discussions with stakeholders in district before they arrive at the decision.

The Ahafo Ano South-East District of Ashanti Region with Adugyama as district capital was created in March, 2018.

At the Second Ordinary Meeting to discuss issues pertaining to development of the District, Assembly Members expressed their disapproval of the indulgence of social vices by teenagers during wake-keeping ceremonies, parties and other social events held during the night.

With the introduction of the new Order all things being equal, the Presiding Member of the District Assembly, Mr Issah Ibrahim was of the view that the ban of wake-keeping celebration and other social events in the night, would preserve society.

By Thomas Awuah Asem, Adugyama

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