Amerado flirts with Berla Mundi on TV after breakup with Delay

Amerado’s recent interview with Berla Mundi where he opened up about his rumoured relationship with radio/tv presenter Delores Frimpong-Manso has stirred mixed on social media.

For the past two years and counting, Amerado and Delay have been rumoured to be having an amorous affair. The pair have given fans many reasons to believe they are an item, albeit, failed to confirm or deny the rumours.

The rapper responded to the rumours for the umpteenth time when he appeared on TV3’s New Day where he clarified his rumoured relationship status with Delay.

Amerado told Berla Mundi that there was nothing going on between himself and the media mogul sexually and that Delay naturally adored him and supported his craft from when he appeared on the Delay Show for the first time.

“It was organic, It was natural. She likes me and she was willing to support my craft. There’s nothing like we did it for likes.”

“I think it was more than that because Delay hardly opens up to people you get it and me being lucky to be closer to her means she foresaw the future. So I feel like what she did for me goes beyond liking someone and I reciprocated it,” he explained.

On how they became friends, Amerado revealed that their friendship blossomed after his interview with Delay.

“I went on the interview and my story touched her heart after that we just became friends. You [Berla] and I could also become friends” he maintained.

His demeanour during the conversation appeared like how he spoke to Delay during their interview.

This compelled fans to quickly concluded he was trying to be sleek with his composure to get into Berla Mundi’s pants as he did Delay.

Below are some reactions sampled from the comment section under the interview shared by TV3 on Instagram.

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