“Amerado is below my level, which is why I don’t give him my attention.” – Medikal

Rapper Medikal has said the only reason he has not given fellow rapper Amerado the attention he so craves is that he is below his level.

According to the Ome Ada hitmaker, he only pays attention to artists who are way ahead of him in the game and thus would not waste energy on clout-chasers.

Speaking on TV3, he deliberately decided to forego the jabs Amerado threw at him some time ago in a track because he was not deserving of his time and attention.

"Amerado is below my level" - Medikal

“Amerado and I are not friends.” “I didn’t reply to him because I felt he was not at my level; he has still not reached my level, which is why I haven’t responded to him,” Medikal said.

Medikal went on to state that his level is so high that the likes of Amerado need to work hard, climb up the life ladder, and would be fortunate to get his attention then.

He added that any beef that would not benefit him monetarily would not be worth wasting time and energy to get involved in, which is why he never bothered to respond to Amerado.

Medikal has had a musical beef with Strongman but believes Amerado does not qualify yet.

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