Antonio Brown Claims Tom Brady Yelled At His Agent

Antonio Brown’s departure from the NFL may go down as one of the most memorable moments of all time. Brown decided to ditch his pads in the middle of a game and hit the jets to the locker room. That moment was the final time Brown ever stepped on the field with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, the Pro Bowl receiver now says a lot was going through his mind during that time. Including what would end up being a massive fallout with former teammate Tom Brady.

In an interview on the Millions $ Worth Of Game Podcast, Brown talked about what actually went down between him and Brady. “So now when we get the ring in 2021, I’m the last guy that signed. My agent, Ed Wasielewski, is getting called, cursed out by Tom Brady over why is he pushing back for the contract for scraps. Imagine if you heard that, the same guy that brought you in to win a ring, the same agent he told you to hook up with to get the deal, is not telling me, the guy’s calling him, saying, yo, cursing him out about scraps of a contract.” Check out the video including Brown’s comments below.

Antonio Brown Still Respects Tom Brady The Player

Later in his interview, Brown did mention that he is thankful for the opportunity to play with Brady. During his tenure in Tampa, the pair did go on to win a Super Bowl. So, the entire journey for Brown and the Buccaneers wasn’t a complete failure. However, Brown felt like he was being slighted by those he thought he could trust. During Brady’s public divorce from Gisele Bundchen, Brown made numerous jokes on social media about Brady.

It doesn’t seem as if Brady and Brown will be rekindling a relationship any time soon. Brown has also made headlines this week after a verbal altercation with a security guard over the weekend. The former Buccaneers receiver was asked to leave the field during an arena football game. Which, he didn’t seem to care about how the situation was being handled. However, fans in attendance claim that Brown was gracious and kind during every fan interaction during the event. What will be the next step in the journey for Antonio Brown? Certainly, it will be bound to make headlines. For the latest NFL news, keep it right here at HNHH.


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