Archipalago threatens to beat up Kuami Eugene, this is why

Archipalago has promised to beat up Kuami Eugene.

In a tweet, Archipalago said the “Rockstar” should be on the lookout for him since he is determined to touch him.

What triggered Archipalago?
Well, Archipalago has not been happy with Kuami Eugene for claiming credits for tracks he features on.

The new one is the Keche “No Dulling” track, for which Kuami Eugene has said he wrote almost all the important parts.

The statement has rubbed Keche the wrong way, and Archipalago has added that he is looking forward to silencing him soon.

Replying to a tweet Keche made to display their displeasure with Kuami Eugene’s claim that he wrote the hook and chorus for the “No Dulling” track, Archipalago commented:

Ask for this guy I go beattttttttt am whenever I see am”

Archipalago, additionally, warned Kuami Eugene and advised him against being arrogant and claiming credit for songs he has been featured on.

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