Cassidy Breaks Down Differences Between Drake & Kendrick Lamar’s Rap Styles

Cassidy has provided his opinion on many rappers throughout the years, and now, he’s weighed in on the differences between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

During an interview with VladTV that was posted on Wednesday (May 3), the acclaimed battle rapper answered a viewer-submitted question asking him to compare Drizzy and K. Dot.

“Well, Drake — he got a lot of styles,” Cassidy began. “Drake — through different times, he used so many different styles. I don’t know where he be getting all these different styles from, or who be responsible for the styles, or who be coming up with the styles. But he got a lot of different styles though.”

He continued: “Sometimes, you know, I might hear Drake rhyme one syllable. And then, sometimes, I might hear Drake come on the verse and rhyme four, five syllables, and piece it up, clean. So he do all different type of shit, you know what I’m saying?”

But Cassidy had a very different take on Kendrick Lamar. “With Kendrick, I don’t know that style completely, but I feel like everybody make a mistake,” he said. “And that’s what I’m gonna do on my podcast, you know? We’ll go over people’s styles. … You won’t just see me break down Drake and Kendrick, you know? It has to be a specific song.”

He continued: “You could play it. You could play the first two bars, and then I’ll break that down for you. Did they rhyme syllables? Did they use figurative language?”

In a previous chat with the outlet, Cassidy revealed that though he has respect for Meek Mill, he’d never battle him because he’s not a battle rapper.

“Salute to Meek, but, he ain’t battle rap,” he said to Vlad TV last month. “Like, maybe he battled back in the day to try to get on, like to try to get people familiar with what he do. There’s a bunch of people that did that. But still, they wouldn’t consider themselves battle rappers.”

He continued: “Maybe that’s the cloth he was cut from back then, but it’s been so much time, and him doing other shit, and on music, and then a different bag, that I’m not even sure if he’s interested in battle rapping. … We kinda already had our own little battle, but I’m not interested in battling nobody. Long as the business is right, they could pick whoever I battle.”


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