Cassidy Wants R. Kelly Critics to Keep Same Energy With Other Sexual Abusers

Cassidy has chimed in about his time working with disgraced musician and convicted felon R. Kelly while condemning individuals for not keeping the same energy for anyone and everyone who has committed crimes against underage women.

On Thursday (May 4) the Philly rapper — who collaborated with Kelly on his 2004 smash hit “Hotel Room” — was quick to call out critics who seemingly turn a blind eye to other sex abusers.

“I ain’t got no problem with n***as being mad at R. Kelly. If that’s how ya’ll feel. That’s how ya’ll feel. If what he did actually made you mad at heart. Cool.” he began, pointing to the “Ignition” singers sentence in which he is currently serving 20 years for child sex crimes.

“But, be mad at heart at anybody whose in that bag because there’s a bunch of n***as — not just famous n***as like R. Kelly, just in my neighborhood alone that I grew up in — every time. All of the middle school girls was getting picked up by old heads. Every girl that was bad in middle school was getting picked up by some older n***a,” he continued.


“Like in every hood. Why n***as act like they don’t know n***as like this? And that’s just regular n***as. These industry n***as is worse,” he alleged, pointing to the industry as the worst offender

As for how said sexual abusers have impacted his ability to work, Cass alleged “So now I can’t do records with — I can’t do records with no one. Now the radio people that played it, you got a problem with them. You gotta problem with the video station that the video ever got played. You got a problem with every f*cking body because all of these n***as is guilty as shit.”


In conclusion, the “B-Boy Stance” lyricist admitted he’s not here to point the finger at R. Kelly, “that ain’t my job.” But, he “respects” his music and the chance he took on him at “the height of his career.”

In March, Cassidy (real name Barry Adrian Reese) aired similar sentiments during an interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast in which he explained he wishes he had the opportunity to get to know the fallen R&B singer better during their collaboration.

“I wish I got a chance to bust it up with him more and see what type of dude he is,” Cassidy said. “The second time I met him was at the video shoot and I never got a chance to meet him after that. It was my first project and I had no records out so I ain’t really have nothing for him to be connected to me.” Cassidy’s first album, Split Personality was released in 2004.


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