Chance the Rapper Would Collab With These Cartoon Characters to Please His Daughters

Chance The Rapper has said that he’ll gladly do a collaboration with one of the hottest cartoon characters if it meant that he’d score some extra kudos points with his daughters.

On Tuesday (May 2), the Grammy-award winning rapper appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about his interest in music during grade school and the 10th anniversary of Acid Rap. He also discussed his two daughters and if they’re into the music he creates or not.

“Yeah, they do like my music,” Chance said. “They’re more into like, Peppa Pig, and their contemporaries. But like, I have a few songs that they’ll listen to. They like a song called ‘Let’s Go on the Run’ a lot.”

After Meyers asked if Chance The Rapper would do a collaboration with Peppa Pig or not, which he confirmed, the artist then said he would also do one with “Baby Shark.”

“Out of my own desperation, I’d do a collaboration with Peppa,” Chance said. “Like Peppa, if you’re listening right now, like I’m trying to work, or at least get some autographs for my kids. Shout out to Peppa Pig! “And the Baby Shark also! I would in a heartbeat.”

Check out the clip below:


Chano recently reflected on his earlier years in the music industry and said he would’ve died if he continued using drugs after he dropped his classic offering Acid Rap.


In an interview with Complex on Sunday (April 30), the Chicago artist talked about the frame of mind he was in when he dropped his Acid Rap mixtape in 2013 and how his drug habit could’ve cost him everything, including his life.

“I probably would have died,” Chance told the publication. “Definitely, the way that I was living at that time. I had everything in excess. Right after I dropped the project, I went on a few tours where I really didn’t make any money. But then I went on my first tour, my headlining tour, where I made some money.”


He continued: “I went and rented a crib. This is my first time living outside of my parents’ house in another city and having money and doing a lot of drugs. Like, a lot, a lot, a lot of drugs. And just like, becoming a different person, like a lesser, person than I am now. If I hadn’t had my spirit tugged on—literally—and a calling to become a better version of myself, then I would have died for sure. Then I would just be the representative of acid and I’m so much more.”

Chance The Rapper has worked alongside cartoons in the past with him being on Sesame Street back in 2019 alongside Cookie Monster and Elmo.


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