Chief of Staff “Fingured” In Hopeson Adorye’s MCE Bid

The Chief of Staff of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs Frema Osei-Opare has been cited to be allegedly using her office to lobby for Mr Hopeson Adorye’s to become the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Kpone Akatamanso.

According to a youth group by the name, Young Patriots For Victory in the Kpone Akatamanso Constituency, they have evidence to state that, the Chief of Staff is allegedly lobbying for Mr Hopeson Adorye to become the new MCE for their Area.

The group in their press release signed by Nana Yaw Baah, President and Rita Abenaa, Secretary Friday August 27,2021 said they are not happy about the action of the Chief of Staff to influence the appointment of the MCE for their Municipal Assembly.

Read the details of their press release below:

*A press release by Young Patriots For victory*
*27th August 2021*
*Demostration against chief of staff*

Good morning ladies and
gentlemen of the press, we are very much grateful for your efforts In giving attention to our press statement published.

This press release is to call on the attention of the chief of staff, to stop abusing her office by lobbying for Mr Hopeson Adorye to become Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) in the kpone Katamanso constituency.

The evidence in our hand’s show that chief of staff of the Republic of Ghana Mrs Frema Opare is using her noble office whom we the future leaders of NPP party pleaded on her behalf to jostling Mr Hopeson Adorye to be the MCE in Kpone katamanso constituency.

Our research also shows that there are good relations between Mr Hopeson and Mrs Frema Opare which Hopeson brazenly peddling and bellowing untrue allegations against his colleges in the constituency.

Let Mrs Opare know that when all lizards lie prostrate: how can a man tell which lizard suffers from bellyache? In time, the pain will make one of them lie flat on its back, then shall that which has been unknown be made known.

Mrs Opare must know that she has been placed as a Sentinel of the office and not to abuse it.

We the future leaders of Kpone katamanso will not grudge her to impose any egotistical and ostentatious person like Hopeson Adorye on us.

Because everything has its place. Why the tortoise is not tall but it is taller than the snail; the snail is taller than the frog, the frog is taller than the lizard.

Everything has its place, its levels its owned standing. That man is known to be howling on radio stations and we think is helping him and the rest who believe in his noise so he should continues to grow in that area and leave the MCE position for a better person.

All the contrive to stripe someone from the MCE position and give it to her beloved son (Hopeson) will not work.
Mrs Opare crisping wants to smoulder the NPP party in Kpone katamanso but we will resist it with our strength.
We want to make it clear that the Kpone katamanso constituency deserves a sophisticated pious minded person to be a MEC and not a crust and Mundane person.

We are therefore calling on the President not to heed the whammy of the chief of staff, but if our howling and screeching are not heard and the President goes ahead to implement the huckster of Mrs Opare, we will hurl and deter by demonstrating.

Source: Nana Yaw Baah

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