Curren$y Claims ‘most Loyal Fan Base’ in Hip Hop: ‘they Have Held Me Down Forever

Curren$y has claimed that he boasts the most loyal fan base in all of Hip Hop as the New Orleans native is willing to put his supporters up against any artist’s fans.

XXL polled its followers on Twitter about their thoughts regarding who had the most loyal fan base in the industry and Spitta replied directly to the publication on Saturday (May 6) while pointing to the lucrative independent route of his trailblazing career.



“Me,” he wrote. “They keep me paid enuff to provide for family, and have all the fancy shit that the chart topping artist have.


“Plus they don’t pressure me to change my style or adapt to shifts in music climate. They have held me down forever and lifted me up forever at the same damn time.”


Plenty of Curren$y fans flooded his replies in agreement. “Been listening to spitta since I was 11 years old. Im turning 31 next month,” one wrote.

Belly added: “I feel the same way about my fams.”

In a testament to the strength of his fan base, one supporter threw bags of weed onstage during an April Curren$y concert for every song they were happy to hear throughout the set.

In the clip shared by Spitta, you can see the fan fling a bag of weed at the stage, which Curren$y slipped in his back pocket with an appreciative head nod.

“The homie threw a zip errrtime a dropped one of the records he really wanted to hear haha almost left with a pound haha,” he wrote.

Curren$y also recently credited the blog era for putting his career on the map following his split from Lil Wayne‘s Young Money Records in the late ’00s.


Stopping by Hot 97 in March to promote his new EP with Jermaine Dupri, Spitta explained how he essentially fell into being an accepted member of Hip Hop’s blog era.


“I went laptop,” Curren$y told Ebro in the Morning. “I tell people all the time my homegirl just typed in Google when I put my first mixtape… That’s how I learned of all the blogs. She typed my name in and it popped up that all these people had wrote these articles and posted the picture.


“It felt like I was looking at all the magazines. It felt like XXL, VIBE. I was like, ‘Damn, there is a whole other group of writers I don’t have to deal with this shit.’ If they not fucking with it, there’s a whole other batch of people that is. That just made me keep pumping shit out. What so happened was the labels were using these blogs to A&R shit.”

He continued: “They wasn’t getting out in the street and seeing what was what. They would just go there and see, ‘Oh, they keep posting him, let’s hit him up and let’s find his Myspace or Twitter or whatever and see if the kid wants a million dollars.”


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