Monday, October 3, 2022
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DCE keeps motorbikes meant for assembly members for voting against his candidate, assembly members charged

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bosome Freho District Assembly, Mr Yaw Danso has come under come under severe pressure after he had allegedly kept motorbikes meant to be given to assembly members within the district.

According to the source, the DCE has vowed never to give the motorbikes to the said assembly members after he accused them of voting against a candidate he presented for them to elect as a presiding member.

Mr. Yaw Danso who brought a new candidate to unseat a seating presiding member failed his campaign after his candidate secured only 8 votes as against 22 votes that was secured by the incumbent presiding member.
According to the disappointed assembly members, Mr. Yaw Danso who was not satisfied with the outcome of the results, threatened to deal with them. Lol and behold, the DCE has ignored all the 22 assembly members who voted against his candidate, went ahead to share the motorbikes to those who voted for his candidate and kept the rest in his bosom.

According to the assembly members, several attempts to get their motorbikes from the DCE has proven futile. 31 motorbikes were brought to the the assembly. Out of the 31, less than 9 motorbikes have been given to the DCE’s electorates who voted for his candidate, and the remaining number has however been kept by the DCE as he vows never to share it amongst them.

The aggrieved assembly members including the incumbent presiding are therefore pleading with the president, the minister for local government and other stakeholders to intervene in the ongoing ill treat given them by honourable Yaw Danso before things get out of hands.

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