Diddy Was Once Allegedly Confronted by ‘belly’ Star at Jamie Foxx’s House

Diddy has made a lot of friends — and enemies — throughout his career, but Belly star Tyrin Turner claims he once confronted the Bad Boy mogul at Jamie Foxx‘s house.

The actor — who played Big Head Rico in the seminal film, and who is best known for his role as Caine Lawson in Menace 2 Society — told the story during an interview with The Art of Dialogue on Wednesday (May 3).

After recalling how he single-handedly fought a gaggle of gang members, he discussed why he confronted the Bad Boy mogul at the Oscar winner’s house. Although he didn’t say exactly when the alleged altercation took place, Turner did make clear that he and Diddy quickly squashed things before it got too far out of hand.

“It was a total misunderstanding,” he explained. “I think Puff almost fell and tripped — you know, we was at Jamie [Foxx]’s house. I think he kind of tripped or something. And brother, you know, he kind of laughed. And I guess it wasn’t funny to Puff. You know what I mean?”

He continued: “So Puff kinda put, you know, like — ‘Hey, come here.’ What’s funny, or whatever. And I see it from my peripheral. And I’m like, that’s my brother. Puffy don’t know my brother. This is weird. That ain’t — this don’t look cool. So I’m like — I pushed my brother out the way, and I’m like, hold on.

“And I asked Puff, ‘you know him?’ And Puff is like, ‘Nah, playboy,’ and I’m like, ‘Aye, n-gga, that’s my brother. I’ll touch everything in here for my brother. Period.’ So me and Puff, we end up having a conversation, as men, we shook hands and everything was great.”

Turner has been a friend of Jamie Foxx’s for many years, even starring in Alert: Missing Persons Unit together. With that said, Turner — like all of Foxx’s other friends and family — must have been relieved when the Ray actor spoke for the first time on Wednesday after his sudden hospitalization last month.

Following weeks of hospitalization and receiving encouragement from friends and fans alike, the actor and singer took to Instagram to say thanks for “all the love.”

“Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” the 55-year-old wrote in his Instagram post.

Following his post, several friends and fans including Mary J. Blige, Ellen Degeneres, and John Legend wished the singer a speedy recovery in the comment section.

In other Tyrin Turner news, the actor recently revealed that his friendship with J. Prince kept him from possibly going toe to toe with Suge Knight once upon a time.


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