Dirk Nowitzki Reflects On Being Embarrassed To Win MVP Award

Dirk Nowitzki recently sat down with Rachel Nichols to discuss his time in the league. The Dallas Mavericks legend accomplished everything a player can possibly do in the league. Even earning the right to call himself league MVP. However, at the time, Nowitzki would have rather been anywhere else on earth than receiving that award. Because just two weeks earlier, the Mavericks were on the losing end of the biggest NBA Playoffs series upset in the league’s history.

2007 marked the first and only time that an eight seed has taken down a one seed in the NBA Playoffs. Before they were the Golden State Franchise you know today, the Warriors were once mighty underdogs. The Warriors seemed to have everything going against them back in 07. Including having to play a future MVP winner. However, that didn’t stop the underdog from pulling off the impossible. The Warriors stunned the Mavericks in six games sending the one-seed home early. A series that still seems to be on the mind of Nowitzki.

Dirk Nowitzki Was Hurt Over Playoffs Loss

In his appearance on Headliners, Nowitzki opened up on his MVP award victory. However, it wasn’t the answer that anyone had in mind. Nowitzki claims he was so embarrassed by the playoff loss that he told the league he didn’t want the award. But Nowitzki ended up accepting the prestigious award, even if he was lost in the moment. Looking back, Nowitzki realizes how special the honor is to be called NBA MVP. However, at the time, the award just didn’t feel special to a player who had just suffered the worst loss in his career.

But things ended up working out for the Mavericks star. The Mavericks won the 2011 NBA championship as massive underdogs. No one expected Dallas to defeat the loaded Miami Heat. However, Nowitzki finally got the elusive ring he had long been chasing. Now Dirk Nowitzki is considered one of the greatest to ever play in his generation. But the memory of those Baron Davis led Warriors may still give the legend nightmares. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here with HNHH.


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