Drake Asks if He’s ‘finally’ Nigerian After Learning Father’s Ancestry

Drake has posed the question of whether or not he can claim the culture of Nigeria as his own while revealing his father’s ancestry.

On Sunday (May 7), Drizzy took to his Instagram Stories and posted a screenshot of his father Dennis Graham’s ancestry report while questioning whether or not he’s Nigerian.



In the report, it said that 30 percent of the elder Graham’s ethnicity comes from the West African country of Nigeria. He’s also 28 percent Cameroonian and Congolese, 11 percent Ivorian and Ghanian, and eight percent English.

“This is my dad’s results,” Drake said in the post. “Does this mean I’m a Naija man finally?”


The 6 God might be doing some deep soul-searching as he recently shared some old class photos and a FUBU-inspired drawing from his childhood.

Taking to his IG Story last week to share the pics, one was taken at Weston Memorial Jr. Public School in 1992, with a young Drake spotted on the far left in the top row sporting a striped sweater and clean button-up underneath.

The next photo, taken in 1995, shows Drizzy in the second row donning a cheek-to-cheek smile, some thin-rimmed glasses, and a grey button-up. In another pic, where Drake appears to be the oldest, he can be seen wearing a clean, striped button-up, and smiling without glasses on.

Drake concluded his story by sharing a photo of a quick doodle he made back in the day of a cartoon chipmunk donning a FUBU cap and big chains. The chipmunk was fittingly named “Aubrey.”


In other Drake news, the Grammy Award-winning rapper is currently looking to turn a massive profit after recently listing his Beverly Hills mansion for a much higher price point than what he bought it for.

As reported earlier this month, the Toronto native put the swanky property up for sale for a staggering $88 million — more than $10 million he paid for it last year.

According to the Zillow listing, the 20-acre pad boasts 10 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms as well as a movie theater, a private orchard, tennis court, wine cellar, a full gym, elevator, game room and more.

Drake bought the crib from British pop star Robbie Williams in March 2022 for $75 million.


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