Elderly Ghanaian woman captured on CCTV stealing in a supermarket

A jaw-dropping CCTV footage capturing the moment an elderly woman pulled off a smooth robbery operation in a supermarket in Ghana has surfaced on social media.

Circulated widely on Twitter, the clip shows a middle-aged woman clad in a black gown pacing to and fro in front of the mini-shopping store.

Presumedly, she was at the supermarket to buy some items but it seems she had her own motive for coming there – which is to steal.

After scouring her environment, she spotted her target and quickly moved into the perfect position to carry out her operation.


Within a split second, she had robbed a nurse of her purse just before she could step out of the supermarket after paying for her items.

Watch the video below


The video has sparked a flurry of mixed reactions among social media users who are stunned by the perfection and mastery exhibited by the elderly woman.

To some, they believe she was able to execute the operation effortlessly due to years of practice.

One user wrote: “I was watching with a friend and he shouted ‘Allah’ Heeeeeerrreeee”


Another said: You see the movie titled Focus, ein Ghana edition be that. Swift and smooth. Sheege

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