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Fix Anum-Boso Road Now; The Role of The Government and The People of Boso and Anum

The statement; “distance is not a barrier” is usually said because there is a good road to link two group of people or individuals.

However, where there are no good roads, distance does not just become a barrier but a life long threat of transportation.

The people of Anum and Boso are Guans who are settling around the Volta Lake in the Asuogyaman District of Ghana. The Asuogyaman District was created under the local government act LI 1431 in 1988 after its separation from the Kaoga District whose capital was Somanya.

The Asuogyaman District has been divided into six area councils in line with the provisions of the Local government act 467 (1993). These area councils are: Anum, Boso, Frankadua/Apeguso, Atimpoku, Gyakiti and Akosombo. The predominant occupation in the Asuogyaman District includes fish farming, trading and crop farming. The Anum-Boso road links the Asikuma and Peki junctions to Anum, Boso, Kpalime and the Dzemeni market, a large market at the banks of the Volta Lake serving the Southern part of Ghana with the supply of fish products and others.

The Anum-Boso geographical area houses the prestigious Anum Rural Bank and schools like Anum Presbyterian Senior High School and my Alma mater; Boso Senior High Technical School and other great institutions in the area which have produced many top talents to the world of work and academia.

The second cycle schools in Anum and Boso are preferable choices of most parents in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman and other parts of the country for their wards due to the discipline, excellent academic performance and a cool breeze weather in the neighborhood which is good for learning.

In my visit to Boso Senior High Technical School with other old students on 3rd July 2021, it started raining cat and dog from the Asikuma junction till we got to Tosen.

On our way, we realized that the Bitumen on the road from Osebeng to Boso has been removed to be reconstructed by the government and has been left to the mercy of the weather till now and its condition keeps getting verse.

I asked someone living about when the Anum Boso road wore that shameful uniform of poor roads and he told me it was done around October 2020 when the country was getting ready for General Elections in December 2020 with the promise of immediate reconstruction.

My question is, was the reconstruction of the road just a political campaign promise or what?

The people of Anum and Boso have been crying for the government and investors to open up businesses in the area to create employment hence reducing rural-urban migration.

However, with the current state of the road, many investors would be inhibited from even visiting this beautiful place not to think of investing there.

The general patronage of public transport on the Anum and Boso road has reduced drastically due to the porous nature of the road. A colleague and I had to sit at the back of a motorcycle from Anum to Asikuma junction before getting a public transport to Accra.

I doff my hat for the bankers, clergy, educationists and traders who keep travelling in and out of the Anum-Boso area to render services to the indigenes of the area.

I am calling on the paramount chief of Anum and Boso traditional areas, the Boso and Anum area councils and the youth from this area who are either living there or living in other places to join hands and hold the Asuogyaman District, the Department of Roads of the Eastern Region and the government of Ghana accountable for the roads and demand that it would be fixed in no time.

We are citizens of Ghana and the national cake should be shared equally in order to reach Boso and Anum.

We have been taken for granted for so long. Arise people of Anum and Boso and demand the fixing of your roads now.

Source:Daniel Nseboah Amoah (A native of Boso), Accra

Email: daniel.nseboah@st.gimpa.edu.gh

Contact: 233547078904/ 0202430546

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