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GBC Mourns Late Staff At Enchi

Tribute By G.B.C

Tracy Phillis Cobbinah, was officially engaged by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) on the 1st of August, 2011 after serving meritoriously as a guest artist for eight years at GBC, Uniik Fm Sefwi Wiawso.

Tracy instantly demonstrated an extreme desire to succeed as she portrayed an extreme thirst and hunger to excel and succeed in whatever task or responsibly she was assigned to.

As a young ambitious and enterprising young lady then, she did not fail as she discharged every responsibility with her zeal and zest required of any young lady destined to succeed will Marshall.

It was her exemplary leadership qualities, high sense of industry, devoted and loyalty which caught the attention of authorities then to elevate her to the enviable and prestigious position of Officer in Charge in of the Station.


In such a responsible position, she instantly and naturally became the focus of attention and expectation. Tracy, ubiquitous as she was, never failed or disappointed. She rose to the occasion and proved the doubters, naysayers and sceptics wrong.

In a male dominated industry, Tracy was never cowed into submission since she perceived her new position as a challenge which required her to prove equal to the task.

As the Officer in Charge of GBC, Uniik Fm Sefwi Wiawso, Tracy was naturally required to combine her human resources skills, talents, competence and abilities to administer her functions, duties and responsibilities curve a niche in what was naturally a male dominated area.

She, therefore, naturally developed a magetism which won for the station several businesses and went ahead to increase its revenue target.

After eight years of stewardship at Sefwi Wiawso Management of GBC in their wisdom thought it appropriate to transfer Tracy to Enchi to continue her spectacular and magnificent performance. Now in her comfort zone in her maternal hometown of Enchi.

Tracy left no stone unturned and immediately hit the ground running as she repeated the same sterling qualities which brought her to fame and popularly in Sefwi.

As she basked in the glow of her new station, she did not allow the limelight to block her conscience or blind her perception and understanding of life.

She was firmly grounded as the latinoes will call Terra firma.

As rolled her sleeves up and dirtiled her hand with the sole purpose of winning she set her sights so high. And that it was no wonder that she chalked some admirably unprecedented success in her new found position.

She was principled, firm and stickler to hard work.

Tracy, salled smoothly on the crest of stardom and success until the inevitable of death backoned her. Tracy, in the last two years of her life on earth starting experiencing periodic bouts of sickness.

We as colleagues, subordinates and superiors prayed frevently for the health and life of our daughter, siblings, comrade as she under went this unfortunate cycle of sickness and good health.

Today, she lies down ice cold quite, immovable and immobile the pain, anguish and agony is gone. Her spirit and soul received by the Almighty God. Today, we feel Tracy is in the confronting and protective arms of our dear Father above.

Also as she affectionately referred to by family folks and close and intimate relatives would sorely be remembered for her very innovative Programme like Agyanka bedi dein. This programme, according the GBC won the heart of many radio listeners.

As head of Programmes, she brought a new verve and freshness into broadcasting. She rather coy smile, incisive attention to detail and her unique feminine attributes of love, fellow feeling and allure would forever be etched in the deepest of our hearts and minds, May she rest in perfect peace.

By: Akwasi Nuako

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