Ghanaian Couple hold Traditional Marriage via Zoom

For the first time in a long while, a Ghanaian couple has held their Traditional Marriage Ceremony via Zoom.

Unlike the normal one we know where the couple is present at their ceremony, this couple has defied the odds to get married despite their distance.

In some instances when one of the couples is absent due to work or other relative reasons, a person is used to represent the one in absentia to carry on the marriage.

However, this Ghanaian couple decided to go otherwise, as a video of them getting married via Zoom has popped up online and spurred lots of mixed reactions.

Details about the wedding are scanty, but it’s possible the groom might be outside the country hence his absence.

As seen in the viral video, the bride is captured dancing alongside her husband who responded to activities at the well-decorated event at his location via Zoom.

The couple donned the same Kente dress just like how it is done at any wedding ceremony you have witnessed.



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