I don’t know why Ghanaian Christians shout and make noise when praying- Osebo

Osebo has wondered why Christians in Ghana make excessive noise when they pray to God. Essentially he suggested that God doesn’t even listen to them for praying through Jesus Christ instead of a local hero such as Apostle Safo Katanka.

“Christians pray and mention the God of Isaac, Abraham, Jacob and David but they find it difficult to mention the God of Safo Kantanka when they are praying,” Osebo the Zaraman, whose real name is Richard Brown explained.

There is the power of God on Apostle Kwadwo Safo so I can also pray through him. A lot of Ghanaians scream and disturb God. Can you go to the Asantehene when you want land and shout at him?

Additionally, he advised Ghanaian Christians to quit praying to Jesus Christ, the figurehead of their faith. He continued by saying that although Ghanaians still pray in Jesus’ name, Israeli citizens have been urged not to do so in their nation.

“I just heard last week that Israel has asked its citizens to stop praying or discussing Jesus. If you are caught you’ll be jailed for one year,” he asserted.

He further revealed that it was improper to worship through Jesus, who has Israelite ancestry because the God of Ghana and Israel are two distinct beings.

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