Monday, October 3, 2022
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I Will Make Quality Education My Major Concern- Ahafo Ano South-East DCE Promises

The District Chief Executive (DCE)  for Ahafo Ano South-East, Mr Thomas Owusu Ansah, has said he would make quality education the topmost priority during his tenure of office.

Ensuring quality education accessible to the younger ones in society, according to the DCE would guarantee them better future.

He said without education, the youth would be involved in social vices and other deviant activities likely to impede their progress in life.

The DCE made the observation during a radio interview on a Kumas base Opemsuo Radio on Tuesday November 16, 2021.

He mentioned infrastructural and adequate teaching staff as major challenge to qualify education in the District, however, he noted with the support from stakeholders the condition would be improved.

In the short-term, he said conducive atmosphere would be created by stakeholders to woo teachers to the District to address teacher-deficit condition.

He mentioned that, as part of long-term plan, youth who would be supported to become teachers, nurses, lawyers among other professionals would be wooed to render quality services for their native district.

The ebullient DCE noted that, there was the needed to rebrand agriculture to entice the youth to help curb unemployment rate.

He said stakeholders should resolve to work hard to erase misconception on agriculture.

“Back in our school days, those of us who were schooled in rural communities, weeding was a punishment meted out to us by our teachers”, he stated.

For this reason, he said most of the youth in rural Ghana perceived farming as punishment.

He said it was about time teachers in rural communities desisted from asking students to weed as punishment, adding that, instead of asking students to weed as punishment, teachers could device punishment that would reform students who might offend.

Mr Owusu Ansah was confirmed as DCE for Ahafo Ano South-East by Assembly Members as per the Local Government Act 936 on October 1, 2021 and resumed office on October 13, 2021.

In the areas of security and accessible roads in the District, the DCE in the interview said the two areas pose no major challenge, however, improving the situation would not be out of order.

Apart from ensuring quality education, he added that artisanship training opportunities would be offered to the youth to address unemployment situation in the District

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