“I’m married but have a side chick because my wife doesn’t take care of me – GH Man reveals

A Ghanaian man who has been married to his wife for eight years has shared his reasons for having an extramarital affair. For nearly a decade, Tee feels he’s alone in his marriage. The husband and father of four says his wife does not take up her role as the woman of the household.

In a no-hold back on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Tee claimed he is a responsible man who provides everything needed for his household, his wife, however, does not hold up her end of the bargain.

He says the situation has sucked out all the romance in the marriage and feels unloved.

“I’m a very responsible man, I have a wife and I sometimes ask her to do something for me, my intention is not to stress her, but she’ll tell ‘I don’t have time.’ This has been happening for a long time,” he told co-host Kojo Yankson.

“As a responsible man you go around and do everything for the family and the woman you decide to be with treats you as if you are a child staying with her,” he narrated.

Tee believes the situation is what propelled him to seek comfort outside his matrimonial home.

Narrating how he met the other woman, popularly called side chick, Tee said he was always buying food outside and this lady expressed concern.

Although he didn’t divulge the actual reason, Tee said the lady, who at the time was just a friend, has since taken on the role to ensure he is well-fed and taken care of.

“I’m not saying that it is a behaviour that everyone should do but sometimes the behaviour of some wives to push men into this behaviour. Men are like kids, if you don’t give your child food to eat, he will go somewhere to eat,” he said.

He further added that although it is not his wish to cheat on his better half, his wife’s behaviour has gradually pushed him away

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