Is he 35 or 50? Fans stunned by Pharell William’s youthfulness after turning 50 years on April 5th

Given his youthful appearance, Pharrell’s fans were shocked and in disbelief when they learned of his 50th birthday today.

On Wednesday (April 5), Skateboard P’s fans sent him heartfelt tweets in honour of his birthday, expressing astonishment and awe at how quickly time has passed since he first entered the music industry in the early 1990s.

One Twitter user wrote: “50 years old? I’m convinced Pharrell is immortal,” while another tweeted: “Pharrell is 50 years old today and still looking like a 25-year-old.”

Another stunned fan wrote: “Pharrell is FIFTY?!?! This isn’t a looks young thing I just genuinely did not realize the number was getting that high wow. Still moves like he’s idk 38 or 42 tops lmao what a guy.”

Pharrell Lanscilo Williams was born on April 5, 1973, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the eldest of the three sons of teacher Carolyn and handyman Pharoah Williams.

His family has a long history in Virginia and North Carolina. His ancestor travelled to West Africa in 1831, and as a result, other relations left the United States for Liberia in 1832.

Williams and Chad Hugo first crossed paths at a summer band program for seventh-graders, where Williams was on drums and Hugo was on tenor saxophone.

They participated in the school ensemble while they were students at Princess Anne High School. Williams left secondary school in 1991 and spent two years at Northwestern University before quitting.

Check out reactions to Pharrell’s half-century milestone below:

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