Jack Harlow Gets His Philanthropy on With Launch of His Own Foundation

Jack Harlow is dipping into his philanthropic bag, announcing the launch of The Jack Harlow Foundation to give back to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Announced via a press release on Wednesday (May 3), the foundation seeks to “reinvest, uplift and support organizations aiming to make the city that raised him a better place.” In a statement, Harlow revealed the launch kicked off with four donations to local organizations.

“The launch of my foundation is represented by gifts to 4 organizations that I believe are doing the work of making Louisville a better place; helping under resourced families remove obstacles to higher education, supporting a new start in a neighborhood that has been lacking investment, giving hands on assistance to the poorest of the poor, and making safe housing affordable for families,” he said. “With all I have done and will do in my career, my home is where my heart is, my refuge, and the place that shaped me.

He continued: “Giving back to Louisville represents the dream I have of making a difference. My vision is to make Louisville a better place. Know that this is just the start of my philanthropic legacy and I look forward to transforming our community and, as a result, the success and happiness of its citizens.”

The four organizations that will receive aid include Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Centro Latino, Russell: A Place of Promise and Sponsor4Success.

The launch of The Jack Harlow Foundation arrives just days after the surprise release of his third studio album, Jackman. The video for the lead single “They Don’t Love It” was released on Monday (May 1), which features the Louisville native giving a tour of his hometown as he’s enthusiastically greeted by his community.

According to Chart Data, the album is projected to debut at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 with first-week equivalent sales totalling 40,000 units.

While he may be popular now, DJ Drama recently recalled a time when he was getting pushback from the label in the wake of signing Harlow.

“When I first met Jack I felt his ambition, his want to be one of the ones,” Drama told Home Grown Radio. “I remember even from the label they were like, ‘Eh, white rapper?’ And I’m like, ‘Look, it’s not 2001. We’ve had plenty of examples of successful white rappers since Eminem. It can exist in the culture.’”

He continued: “And Jack was dope! Obviously, you see his skin color and it’s a big factor but the kid made incredible music. Lyrically, he was dope as fuck. Personality-wise he was just never trying to be something he wasn’t. He was very comfortable in his own skin in the culture within Hip Hop. I love that about him.

“Years later watching the videos come out of when he was a kid rapping and Kendrick complimenting it and Drake complimenting it, it just kinda shows how long he’s been at it.”


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