Jadakiss Recalls ‘furious’ Battle Between Big L & Styles P: ‘there Was No Cameras’

Jadakiss has provided new insight into his relationship with late rapper and record executive Big L (real name Lamont Coleman), revealing the moves he made to launch him to superstardom.

During a new episode of Drink Champs, The Lox group member reflected on Big L’s influence before sharing one of his fondest memories with the Harlem native.

“Big L was that n***a — I don’t like that they gave him his flowers after he was dead,” he began, noting the industries lack of recognition of his life while he was still among us. “They should have gave them [his flowers] when he was here. but, I guess it was too much going on. Or, just how the world is.”

Of how the Yonkers native first linked with the “MVP” MC, Jadakiss explained it left quite an impression.

“But, Big L was one of the first — Big L, when we were still trying to get a deal and we hadn’t met Puff yet — we were downtown on 139th getting some weed from Buzz Me In, the old spot that was there and he [Big L] was in front of the fried chicken spot,” he said of the scene where a battle between Big L and Styles P broke out.

“SP got out and him and SP got into a battle — a furious one,” he added, noting “there wasn’t a camera man around back then” to capture the moment. “We got cool with him after that — once we found out about Children of The Corn and all that.”

“Big L was already famous. He was one of the first young dudes to make it. Once again shout out to Digging in the Crates for seeing the talent in him way back when he was a youngster.”

In 1999, Big L was shot and killed, bringing his brief yet legendary career to an abrupt end. He was 24 years old.

Meanwhile, The Lox, comprised of rappers Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss — who initially inked a deal that went sour with Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records in 1995 — went on to join the Ruff Ryders in 1999, before setting out to launch their own label, D-Block.

Today, Jadakiss is venturing solo, recently announcing to fans that he is working on not one but two albums.

Stopping by Sway’s Universe on Tuesday (April 11), Kiss revealed that in addition to his many other endeavors – including the new podcast he was there to promote – he’ll be releasing music at a high clip this year.

“I’m still the Samurai,” he began. “I’ma drop two projects this year, maybe three. A LOX joint and definitely two Kiss joints — fulfill my Def Jam contact and then do some other lucrative business that’s mainly beneficial for me. I think that’s what it’s about.


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