Jadakiss Recalls Kodak Black Telling Him to Rewrite a Verse

Jadakiss has recalled the extremely rare occasion when Kodak Black told him to rewrite a guest verse.

The LOX frontman joined The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (May 2), where he remembered a time when Kodak made him redo a verse for their 2018 “Mama” collaboration.

“Kodak Black. My man Yak,” Kiss said when asked if an artist has ever asked him to redo a verse in the studio. “Yak told me to switch it and it was a song about our moms.

“I’m like, ‘Yak.’ I switched it and he like, ‘No doubt.’ I’m a person that’s easy to work with. It was funny to me. I think I spoke to him. He asked me and actually said it I think.”

While some artists might get offended at such a request, others use it as fuel to up their pen game. That’s how Rick Ross saw it when Kanye West asked him to rewrite his verse on 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track “Devil in a New Dress.”

“I wrote two to three verses right then just to let Kanye hear the vibe. This the first time somebody ever said Rozay, ‘I know you, you could go harder. Rozay ain’t used to that,” the MMG mogul recalled of their Hawaii studio session on a 2022 episode of HBO’s The Shop.

“He comes back like, ‘Rozay, you know I know you. This verse right here…’ And I looked at him like, ‘What? I could what?’

“Don’t even finish that,” he remembered Kanye telling him. “Just chill, come back and holla at me. I said, ‘This n-gga crazy,’ and I went back in immediately.”

He continued: “Without a doubt, he’s most definitely gonna challenge you. To me, to be great and make sure that everybody that’s in the room with you [is] great, you have to make sure that you challenge and not just accept.”

Revisit Kodak Black and Jadakiss’ “Mama” collab below:


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