Jay-z Deliberately Hindered Roc-a-fella Artists’ Careers, Claims Tk Kirkland

JAY-Z has been accused of intentionally hindering the commercial appeal of his Roc-A-Fella artists so they wouldn’t pass him in popularity, according to TK Kirkland.

The comedian sat down with The Art of Dialogue earlier this week and alleged that an executive told him that Hov would sabotage certain artists on his roster so that nobody would ever be bigger than himself.



“Beanie Sigel was the shit, n-gga. They would only let Beanie Sigel sell so many records,” Kirkland claimed. “This came from an executive at Roc-A-Fella cus I knew everybody. And they would only let Beanie sell so many records and that was it. They wouldn’t push it no more.

“You couldn’t be bigger than JAY-Z on JAY-Z’s label. You couldn’t be bigger than JAY-Z. You couldn’t sell more records than JAY-Z. But all you had to do was listen to Beanie Sigel shit. And it’s no hate to nobody. JAY-Z, you still my dog.”


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A number of fans called cap on Kirkland’s claims and bashed him in the comment section of The Art of Dialogue‘s post.

“Don’t believe it Beans never let the streets go that was always his downfall,” one person wrote, while another said: “Jay pushed Beans more than he did Bleek, that’s saying somethin’. I’m not listening to a n-gga who can’t pronounce the name of the n-gga he talkin bout.”


In a March interview with VladTV, Beanie shared stories from his time at Roc-A-Fella and explained that his “I Go Off” track with 50 Cent was not a diss toward Jay.

The Philly native even added that he wanted to sign with G-Unit due to the issues Roc-A-Fella Records was having at the time.

“That ‘I Go Off’ was just a record that I had. I ain’t have no hook on it,” Beans said. “50 liked it. I sent it to him, he knocked the hook off.”

He continued: “It ain’t nothing about JAY-Z like n-ggas is talking about with that record. Even through the lyrics, ain’t nothing about JAY-Z in there, but 50 started talking crazy. Not crazy, but you know they got that weird relationship. They don’t fuck with each other, but then they fuck with each other.”


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