Kanye West Roasted for Wearing Skin-tight Leggings

Kanye West has been known for his eccentric style, but it’s his latest look that has been turning heads after being spotted in a pair of skin-tight leggings.

Earlier this week, the Chicago-bred mogul was photographed wearing figure-hugging leggings, which sent the internet abuzz. Additionally, the rapper was wearing a pair of socks-like shoes he presumably designed himself.

According to reports, the photos were taken following Kanye’s Yeezy Season 10 fashion show on May 1. A number of Twitter users have chimed in to express their opinions on the rapper’s latest fashion choice.


“People with money don’t know what to do anymore,” one person tweeted.

“Dressing like Kim,” another user wrote.

“They gon call this yeggins,” one person noted.

“Kanye out here rocking the leggings with his BBL poppin,” another user joked.

Check out more Tweets below.

In other related news, Kanye West has re-entered the 2024 presidential race, and he’s reportedly hired a noxious alt-right troll to helm the new Yeezy for President campaign.

Milo Yiannopoulos — best known for his criticisms of everything from the Muslim religion to feminism — has reportedly been hired as the campaign manager by the embattled Yeezy CEO after having a fallout with fellow alt-right extremist Nick Fuentes, according to Forbes. The outlet also reports that West’s hiring of the British provocateur came after he “fell out” with Donald Trump.

But that’s not the only staffing change that the former billionaire has made.

West also reportedly fired Ali Alexander — a January 6th insurrectionist leader who also recently apologized for soliciting nude photos from underage boys — and that it was Yiannopoulos who handed both Fuentes and Alexander their walking papers from the campaign.

However, while these emails were reportedly obtained by Forbes — and later re-published by Rolling Stone — neither outlet has authenticated the veracity of these emails.

This reported shift back into politics marks the second about-face made by the “Through the Wire” rapper.


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