Kenyan man cries as his serious girlfriend gives birth to an Indian baby

A Kenyan man has shared a very heartbreaking story by narrating the shocking revelation that his girlfriend gave birth to a baby of Indian descent meanwhile they are both Africans.


Expressing his deep sorrow, he took to Twitter to narrate how he had been there for her throughout the pregnancy, ensuring her every need and craving was met.

Yet, he was utterly bewildered when the baby she delivered did not bear any African traits but instead possessed distinct Indian features.

He tweeted;

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“I’ve been a supportive boyfriend for the entire period of pregnancy. I’m the one who made sure she fed her cravings.

I even organised a transport for her to go to hospital. My girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful Indian boy last night. Guys, I’m not Indian,” he wrote

One netizen took to the comment section to advise him to check if his lineage is of Indian descent.

The man however replied that his wife had been a waiter at an Indian restaurant.

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