Lady whose taxi driver boyfriend cursed to death for saying he’s no longer her class reportedly dies

Maame Yaa, who dumped his taxi driver boyfriend who paid her fees and took care of her until she completed university has allegedly died according to reports online.

According to Jemima Blessing on Instagram, Maame Yaa died following the ‘duabo’ from her taxi driver boyfriend whom she betrayed and tried to outsmart.


In a video that went viral yesterday, a young betrayed and heartbroken Ghanaian shared a 5 minutes clip of himself using schnapps and eggs to curse his ex-girlfriend who says she can no longer date him because he’s no her class.


According to the man, when he first met Maame Yaa, she was a school dropout who sold eggs under the scorching sun to feed herself, her child and her parents.

He enrolled her back into school and catered for her until she graduated.

After Maame Yaa became a graduate and found a new man, she told him he’s no longer her class despite sacrificing all that he had to make her comfortable in life.

In the video, the pained guy additionally revealed that Maame Yaa even had a child when he met her but that didn’t deter him from proposing love to her.

She took care of Maama Yaa’s child as well as her parents because they all depended on the eggs Maa Yaa sold to feed themselves.

The young taxi driver used Maame Yaa’s entire family as thanksgiving to the gods he has summoned her to deal with, on his behalf.

Watch the video below to know more…


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