Lawyer Ntim accuses christians of not knowing how to be romantic

Ghanaian comic actor and script writer, Richmond Xavier Amoakoh, popularly known in showbiz Lawyer Nti for the role he plays in the hit TV series Kejetia vs Makola, has disclosed that most Christians are not romantic.

Lawyer Ntim  made this statement during an interview with Sika Osei on the ‘Stripped by Sika Osei’ show on lynx Tv a few weeks ago.

The actor, who was asked by Sika Osei to be a little romantic and seductive by looking into her eyes while making a toast, amusedly said he was a Christian and therefore cannot do that.

Asked if Christians are not seductive romantic, he responded by saying ‘’yes, Christians are not romantic.

Laywer Nti further disclosed that he is the shy type and a different person when he is off set.

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