Let’s Keep Observing COVID-19 Protocols to Reduce Prevalence- Herbal Medicine “King” Advises

Herbal medicines luminary and astute herbalist, Nana Kissi Opam has underscored the need to keep observing COVID-19 Protocols to reduce prevalence in the country.

Per Reuters.com report, Ghana reports its largest number of new COVID-19 infections with 3,700 cases since the start of the pandemic.

The report further suggests, thus far, there have been 140,221infections and about 1,283 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began.

Notwithstanding the hike in coranavirus infections in the country, the “King” of Herbal Medicines said the only way to complement the effort of government in the fight against the pandemic was to keep COVID-19 etiquettes.

In his Christmas and New Year Message reported to the media by the Ashanti Regional Organizer of Ghana National Association of Traditional Healers, Mr Kwame Awuah Nimfour, the astute herbalist wished government, traditional leaders, herbalists and the Ghanaians public well in their endeavours and prayed for a blissful New Year.

Nana Kissi Opam who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ofa Kissi Herbal Home and fondly called ‘Abibidrohene’, urged everyone in Ghana to work hard in the New Year to earn living, and avoid laziness.


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