Lil Pump Hounded by Irs Over $2m Tax Debt — Despite $12m Net Worth

Lil Pump has landed himself in some hot water with the United States Internal Revenue Service, and it looks like the Miami rapper owes the tax collection agency almost $2million.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online suggest that the “I Love It” rapper was issued a tax lien back in March for back taxes owed from 2021. In total, according to the IRS, Lil Pump (real name Gazzy Garcia) allegedly owes $141,340.56 for that year.

Just a few weeks later, the agency filed a second lien for $129,801.88 against Lil Pump for his 2020 back taxes — and these two liens were added on top of the massive $1,676,738.65 tax lien filed against him in October 2021.

That brings the grand total of the tax bill owed by Lil Pump to just under $2million — and this number doesn’t include a $90,000 credit, which was paid by Lil Pump back in 2022.

The hefty tax bill may come as a surprise to some as the Soundcloud rapper has an approximate net worth of $12million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This also takes an $8million advance from Warner Brothers, and a $4.6million mansion in Miami Beach, into account for its final tally.

His problems with the IRS first began up in 2018 when the IRS filed a lien against Lil Pump’s $5million Miami mansion and revealed Pump missed a $1,676,738.65 payment on his 2018 bill. The IRS warned Pump that if they’d be coming to seize his property if he fails to pay the tab.

Then, in 2019, Pump failed to pay back $89,378.69 in taxes but he tried to deny the bill in a 2021 social media post showing off some expensive jewelry.

“Do not believe the internet, that shit is all cap bro,” Pump said. “90 thousand that is on my wrist right now. Another 90, that’s on my neck. Don’t play with my body. Look, I have made over 15 million dollars, you know what the tax bill on 15 million dollars is? Bitch, 90k ain’t shit to me. Stop playing with my body.”

His money troubles don’t stop at tax bills. In August 2021, American Express sued the Harverd Dropout rapper and his company Lil Pump Touring for a breach of contract and failing to pay a $26,233.34 bill. Amex was seeking full damages plus interest. The case was eventually dismissed without prejudice before Pump could respond.


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