Maids shouldn’t be allowed to sit in the living room and on the couch – Lady states

A young Nigerian lady has incurred the wrath of many social media users by insisting that house helps shouldn’t be given good treatment.

According to Iwuji Anita on Facebook, house helps, especially maids shouldn’t be allowed to sit in the living room and on the couch.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Anita indirectly advised homeowners to treat their house helps as servants because as suggested by her, the only places maids should be allowed to enter are their own rooms and the kitchen.

As we all know, the cruelty of some women to their house helps is sickening especially in Africa.

Replying to a comment on Facebook that has landed her into a deep mess, Anita wrote;

No vex abeg, you all allow your maid into your parlour? You can allow her into your room and make her lie on your bed as well nah. I don’t understand you people ohh! Maid na maid work, do your work, eat and get into your room. Which one is sit in the couch for what?

In another post, she also advised couples not to give birth to children they can’t take care of – because if she bags one as a maid, she’s going to treat her with disgust and utter wickedness.

She warned; You better give birth to the number of children you can take care of, if your child comes to my house as a house maid, I’ll not allow her to sit on my couch

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