Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Man allegedly beats nurse to coma for slapping his pregnant wife who was in labour

A man reportedly lost his cool and took it all out on an arrogant nurse who slapped his wife while she was in labour.
We are told, per the report circulating on social media, that the nurse is now in a coma after sustaining injuries following the unexpected attack.

We have no idea where this unfortunate incident took place but there’s a photo of the nurse lying on her sickbed to corroborate the viral story.

We’ll follow this story up to authenticate it in subsequent publications.

In another disturbing video that further reinforces the moral decadence prevailing in modern times, two nursery kids have been seen replicating what their parents do in the bedroom.

In the video making rounds on the internet and first shared by blogger Van De Maestro on Instagram, the little kids were seen k.issing passionately and caressing each other right behind the school building.

The unfortunate development purportedly occurred during break time and as you could imagine, a lot of netizens are blaming poor supervision on the part of the teachers and irresponsible parenting as the causative agents.


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