Man reveals how his brother’s marriage ended after 6months because he was a virgin

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Isidore Ene Bassey, a Nigerian man, has stated that being a virgin  is not a guarantee of good moral character.

In response to a post on how virginity and character are closely related, Bassey made this statement.

Bassey asserted that virginity is not the same as character, clearly disagreeing with the claim.

He asserts that maintaining one’s virginity is not sufficient to ensure a long and happy marriage.

He continued by telling the story  of his brother, who had been married for only six months to a virgin but ended the marriage.

“To whom it may concern, virginity is not the same as character, I have a brother that was a virgin, finished university, worked for years, went to UK, came back, still a virgin, married with both traditional and church rituals, yet marriage could not last 6 months. Parental guidance and instilled discipline is not the same as in-built character,” he wrote.

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