Mark Wahlberg weighs in on his faith and career choices

Mark Wahlberg believes religion to be the most important aspect of his life

Mark Wahlberg has recently explained how his religion has impacted his personal life and career choices.

“It’s just the most important aspect of my life,” said the 51-year-old in a new interview with Fox News Digital.

Mark continued, “It’s the most important thing. It’s afforded me all the things that I’ve been able to accomplish in my life — my faith, my discipline.”

Reflecting on being a practising Catholic in Hollywood, Mark pointed out, “It’s not popular in my industry, but, you know, I cannot deny my faith. It’s important for me to share that with people.”

The Departed star shared that his faith impacted his career choices, stating, “I mean, I’ve made some movies, whether it be Boogie Nights or even Ted where, you know, they could be a bit questionable.”

However, the actor mentioned, “I also don’t want to compromise my artistic integrity.”

“But as a parent and as a husband, those things definitely weigh into my decision-making. But I do like taking chances and risks,” remarked Mark.

Meanwhile, the actor added, “I also was really proud of making a movie (referring to Father Stu) that was a love letter to my faith.”


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