Meek Mill Encourages Young Rapper to Ditch Violent Rhymes After Hearing Him Freestyle

Meek Mill has encouraged a young aspiring rapper to stop spitting explicit lyrics after hearing the kid freestyle for him from the seat of his car.

The Dreamchasers boss had his car parked when a couple of kids convinced Meek to let them freestyle for him and give them some productive feedback over the weekend.



The Philly native was taken aback by the violent rhymes coming from the main rapper of the pair, who appeared to be the age of an elementary school child, and explained he should change his content up so the bars mirror the life he’s really living.


“I thought he was about to say some shit like thank you for sunshine thank you for rain,’” Meek captioned the Instagram Story on Sunday (May 7).


“Why y’all talking all that crazy stuff,” Meek Mill asked the kids. “Y’all got to rap about y’all life too though. Y’all got a good one? I need that good stuff.”

He continued with his constructive criticism: “You gotta turn your cuss words down so you could get on Spotify, YouTube.”


Social media users speculated that they’ve seen the same kid rapping for anybody willing to listen around Philly’s design district.

“Them n-ggas turnt man you old niggas gotta stop turning them down,” a Twitter user wrote while defending the youth’s rhymes


It was a busy weekend for Meek Mill, who celebrated his 36th birthday on Saturday (May 6) and attended the thrilling Game 4 overtime victory by the Philadelphia 76ers over the Boston Celtics to even the series at two on Sunday afternoon (May 7).


While he doesn’t live the same street lifestyle since his rap fame, Meek revealed that he’ll watch old videos of himself to maintain that same edge and hunger with his rhymes.

“I watch myself broke so I can regain that same feel I felt when I was hitttttt,” he wrote to Instagram in March.


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