Misunderstanding Over 600 Cedis Leaves Pregnant Woman Dead In Ambulance; Husband Set To Sue Hospital

Mr John Obiri Yeboah who is a business man at Fijai couldn’t hold his tears while he spoke to press men Over the death of his wife. According to him, he is blaming the National Ambulance Service and the Fijai Holy Child Catholic Hospital Over the negligence.

Narrating his sad Ordeal, his pregnant wife Augustina Awortwe was sent to the Holy Child Hospital for delivery. Few moments later, he received a call that his wife’s situation has become so critical. The doctors hinted on transferring her to Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.

Mr John Obiri Yeboah had no option than quickly join the Ambulance together with his pregnant wife. Sadly enough, he had no money on him. Upon reaching the middle of the road, the ambulance driver stopped and demanded 600 Ghana cedis for fuel before he will proceed.

Mr John Obiri Yeboah reportedly begged him that he should continue with the journey and add the fuel bill to their total expenditure. This brought a misunderstanding between the angry Ambulance driver and John Obiri Yeboah.

For close to thirty minutes, the driver refused to move until John Obiri Yeboah gave him his last 50 Ghana cedis. The driver picked the money and topped his tank.

Unfortunately and surprisingly, instead of heading to Accra, he returned the ambulance back to the Fijai Holy Child Hospital with the report that the man wasn’t ready to fuel the ambulance so he can’t go.

According to John, that resulted in a heated argument between doctors and the driver for over 25 minutes. The driver finally accepted to drive them to Cape Coast Teaching Hospital because 50 cedis fuel can’t go to Accra. More importantly, the pregnant woman’s condition has become so critical that if they proceed to Korle bu, they don’t know what will happen on the road.

Sadly for Mr John Obiri Yeboah, the ambulance driver told him that his wife is dead in the ambulance whentheyreachedCapeCoast. Mr John Obiri Yeboah is planning to seek for justice in the law Court. When media men tried to speak to doctors at the Holy Child Hospital, they refused and referred the press to go to the Police because the case has become delicate.

The National Ambulance service however are denying their involvement in the sad incident because they don’t know how their vehicle ( ambulance) contributed in the pregnant woman’s death. If it’s about the action of the driver, he should be held responsible than attacking the entire Ambulance Service.


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