Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Movement For Justice And Equal Right


Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, the members of the NewPatriotic Party and the general public, this statement is from the coordinator of the Movement for Justice and Equal Rights to the good people of Ghana.

Ladies and gentlemen, the mannerin which politics is been carried out in this country is not the best for a country that parade herself as a religious nation. It’s about time we speak truth in this country.

Politicians nowadays run away from their own statement because they lied and they forget their previous statements particularly when they’re in opposition.

Ladies and Gentlemen, recently we saw former President Mahama on a so called thanksgiving tour throughout the 16 regions. During that tour, Mr. Mahama failed to make a single statement that could contribute to the development and peace of our nation but he was openly seen making ridiculous propaganda and unfounded allegations.

Let’s not forget that Mr. Mahama is one of the few politicians in this country who got the opportunity and the privilege to serve at every level of our political ladder, starting from assembly man to MP , Deputy/Minister of Education, Vice President and the President.

In his era as the President, Mr. Mahama sent Ghana to IMF, he halted recruitment of Ghanaians into government institutions, and teachers who worked for more than three years were given a peanut. Our young graduates under President Mahama forming Unemployed Graduate Association and he claimed he was not a magician to create job for them.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mahama’s comment on the sea defence wall in the volta region seems a bit more of tribalism and divisive. The people are the volta region are regularly in bed with the NDC and have been voting for the NDC since 1992. NDC got the opportunity to serve this country for a long time under the late President Rawlings and the Atta Mills and also under former President Mahama but none of them saw the need to build the sea defence wall for the people of volta region, today Mr. Mahama is in opposition and has the gut to blame the NPP government for not completing the project, such hypocrisy. I challenge Mr. Mahama to point out single policy or intervention that his Government did to this country, we will not sit down and allow Mr. Mahama to throw dust to the eyes of Ghanaian, he should the people his visions and ambitions that he has prepared for this country if he get the mandate again and stop this propaganda, no we want accept this.

Again, this country has reach where our MP’s must behave in a manner that they are representing a constituency not their political party, Some NDC MP’s like Eric Opoku, Isaac Adongo etc. are in parliament and doing propaganda for anything good that will benefit this country but when it comes to their Ex-Gracia, Car Loans and other staff that goes direct into their own pocket they don’t even cough for we the citizen to hear about it, but always making noise and propaganda to policies that raise the country.

I will also take this opportunity to advice the members of the NPP who has issues and grievances to have patience and lets all support the Party to maintain power coming 2024, We all know our leaders did not treated us well but we think Ghana first and not allow the party to go to opposition, let’s all have courage and believe that our leaders will have a change of mind and let every enjoy what we have suffered for the party.

Finally, I will advise the leadership of NPP and President Nana Akuffo Addo that, they should listen to the footsoldiers, the grassroot people who fought will all they have for the Party to maintain power, it seem all these people have been neglected and a few people are enjoying yet those enjoying did not suffer, they help party member to have chances to jobs, again they should find way to enable the micro finance companies to operate so our market women’s and men’s will get smaller loans to work, and Government should to regulate fuel prices at least if they increase the price yearly it will help than what is happening now. The leadership must give a helping hand to our grassroot youth who have completed Universities and Collages to find jobs so that they should also give help to others.

We might witness something new prior to the 2024 elections. I am championing a situation where flagbearers will be made to sign an agreement with the people of Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency on developmental projects and selection of government appointees before voting for them.

God bless us all.


Alhaji Ben Ali Seaman

Coordinator, Movement for Justice and Equal Right

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