N.o.r.e. Jokes He ‘put on’ 50 Cent & Nelly During Lovers & Friends Link-up

N.O.R.E. has said in a joking fashion that he contributed to both 50 Cent and Nelly entering into the rap game during this past weekend’s Lovers & Friends festival.


On Saturday (May 6), the cameras were rolling while N.O.R.E. was talking to both legendary rappers. “I’ma be honest, I kinda feel like I put both of ya’ll on,” the Drink Champs co-host said while armed with an open bottle of Ace of Spades.



Fif concurred, saying: “My first record, he did.”

N.O.R.E. then interjected and told Nelly that he gave him his first shoutout and Nelly replied: “I told him how he took Penalty Records out of commission with that million-dollar video.”


N.O.R.E. ended by saying: “I’m leaving now, I’m leaving now. I can go home now.”


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Both 50 Cent and Norega appeared in an underground cypher together back in 1998. N.O.R.E. also appeared on 50’s unreleased debut album Power of the Dollar in 2000. The album was scrapped after Columbia found out 50 was shot nine times, according to XXL.


It’s not clear how N.O.R.E. truly helped Nelly but the New York artist has had a hand in a number of people’s careers over the years.

Aside from him putting the battery in rappers backs, the rapper-turned-podcaster recently made amends with his friend Cam’ron following their dispute with Joe Budden.


Cam’ron recently shared a clip from an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast that aired in February, which saw N.O.R.E. appearing to take shots at his new-found career as a sports commentator with his It Is What It Is show alongside Ma$e.


“You know what’s crazy? I’m looking at these rappers trying shows now — you know, rappers from our era — and they are so failing,” N.O.R.E. told Budden in the clip. “They doing sports shows, they doing comedy shows. They talkin’ about, ‘Yo, I’m up. I’m just doing this for fun.’ No you are not!”

Budden replied: “It’s great to see people fail … You can’t take the blueprint and hire different contractors. They sellin’ ass out here, huh?”

Cam’ron fired back at N.O.R.E.’s comments on Instagram and warned him about “Hoe Buddons.”

“Damn @therealnoreaga told you I couldn’t trust you. Lolol. Im just fucking wit ya,” he wrote. “But what other rapper from the 90’s got the sports and cooking show? U know u my n-gga for life. But ya man hoe buddons threw u under the bus on the very Nx episode. said he didn’t know who u was talking bout. I don’t give a fuck how his numbers is N.O. Stay away from that crack head!!!!”


Joe Budden then went to his Instagram Stories to address Cam’ron, calling him “sensitive” and telling him to “chill.”

“Now that n-gga know he too sensitive to do this with me,” he wrote. “Chill before I feel like playin’ back & you start makin’ calls again. Focus on your suits and your pink set, that ‘crackhead’ lapped you looooonnnnnnngggggg ago.”

N.O.R.E. also responded to Cam’ron on Twitter, writing: “Me and you are friends from the 90s. You have my real-life phone number. You hung out with me for days before you did Drink Champs just to make sure I was the same yalla that you know.

“If you thought at any time I was going at you, Why would you go to the internet 1st?”

Last week, N.O.R.E. took to social media to reveal that he had a phone conversation with Cam’ron and they’ve settled their issues.

“Just spoke to cam we good !!!” he wrote. “Thank u killa @mr_camron I will never diss u I loved our phone call thx!!!”


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