Nba Youngboy Disses Drake, J. Cole & Lil Yachty on Fiery New Song ‘f-ck the Industry Pt. 2’

NBA YoungBoy has taken aim at Drake, J. Cole and Lil Yachty on his fiery new track, “Fuck The Industry Pt. 2.”

The Baton Rouge rapper released his latest album Richest Opp on Friday (May 12), which includes a song loaded with lyrical darts at several big-name rappers.


YoungBoy starts off by calling Drake a “bitch” and his “enemy,” referencing the 6 God’s relationship with Lil Durk and claiming that he refused to work with him despite praising his music.

“Talk to Drake ‘cross FaceTime, he wasn’t feelin’ me/ Told me that he fuck with Durk, damn, that shit was gettin’ to me/ Told me that he like the shit I’m doin’, but can’t do shit with me/ So when we cross our ways, fuck what you say, bitch, you my enemy,” he snarls.

Drizzy has collaborated with Durk — YoungBoy’s bitter rival — numerous times in recent years, including on 2020’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” and his Certified Lover Boy album cut “In the Bible.”

NBA YoungBoy then goes onto call J. Cole — who appears on Durk’s new single, “All My Life,” which also arrived on Friday — a “ho” for apparently ghosting him after they made plans to work together.

“J a ho, that n-gga played it cold, like he was gon’ do a feature/ So I texted his line, a muscle sign, I swear it’s gon’ be nice to meet you,” he raps.

Akademiks claimed in March 2021 that J. Cole waited eight hours in the studio for NBA YoungBoy, but he never showed up.


“J. Cole waited in the studio for eight hours for YoungBoy to show up,” Ak said. “YoungBoy didn’t show up. Facts. These are facts! Your favorite rapper, n-gga. J. Cole? He sat in the studio for eight hours for a session with YoungBoy. YoungBoy never showed up. Let me be fair to YoungBoy. No disrespect to J. Cole, J. Cole’s just a rapper.”

He added: “YoungBoy be going through shit. He’s living life, he’s going through shit. YoungBoy said, ‘Yo, my energy is not fit to be in the studio with that guy.’ It wasn’t about J. Cole. It was just that he, and personally what he was going through, wasn’t fit to be in that environment.”

NBA YoungBoy caps off the venomous track by calling out Lil Yachty over his prior relationship with City Girls’ JT.

“Bitch, play with me, Lil Yachty mad about JT, f-ggot/ Bitch, play with me, half of y’all ain’t got more money than me,” he spits.

While neither Drake nor J. Cole have responded, Yachty took to Twitter shortly after the album’s release to react to YoungBoy’s diss. The Atlanta rapper posted a short clip of 50 Cent asking in disbelief: “I mean, what he say ‘fuck me’ for?!”

YoungBoy replied with a video of his own, in which he claimed Yachty had “checked” him for shooting his shot at JT when they were still together.

“Yachty crazy than a muthafucka. Aye bitch, you got me laughing over here, boy. Bitch, you know why I said that, mane. You called me talking about that crazy ass girl, boy,” he said before laughing.

“Mama, that bitch really checked me ’bout that girl. That bitch checked the gangsta, man … If I ain’t mistaken, bruh, you say you X’d me out trying to talk to your bitch. And I was confused ’cause you a ho and you was coming at me like — I ain’t really do that.”

He added: “Bitch, I got a mental problem over here and I got too much money. You n-ggas might as well stay the fuck out my way.”

NBA YoungBoy’s Richest Opp was released via Never Broke Again/Motown Records and includes 17 new tracks, with a sole feature from NBA Ben10. It’s his third release of the year following January’s I Rest My Case and April’s Don’t Try This at Home.

Stream the project in full below:


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